Sunday, March 06, 2011

Atlantic Yards and "great unbuilt stadiums" (and the "same site" error)

There's a certain Frank Gehry Brooklyn arena missing from Slate's If You Don't Build It … A slide-show essay on Seattle's floating dome, Edmonton's Omniplex, and other great unbuilt stadiums.

Still, it's worth a read:
While the stadiums we erect can embody both civic pride and civic catastrophe, unbuilt stadiums reflect our ambitions and our shortcomings more brightly. The ballparks we imagine, design, and fail to see through to completion are testaments to our egos, our metropolitan insecurities, our ever-changing sense of aesthetics, and our growing economic expectations.
I'd say that thinking an arena could be wrapped in four towers housing 10,000 office jobs was a tad overoptimistic.

Getting AY wrong

Unfortunately, the slide show has an incorrect reference to Atlantic Yards:
O'Malley had been hoping to secure land for a privately built stadium at the Brooklyn site now known as Atlantic Yards (currently home of a modern, divisive stadium project).
It's not the same site.

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