Thursday, November 29, 2007

AY ombudsman: "It's a sexy project"

Today's New York Daily News article on the newly arrived Atlantic Yards ombudsman, headlined Ex-MTA executive Forrest Taylor takes on role as Atlantic Yards mediator, offers a quote from the ombudsman himself: "In my mind it's a sexy project. It's an important project. It creates housing and it creates jobs, and it's going to transform Brooklyn."

As Taylor gets acclimated, maybe he'll stop using the abstract shorthand preferred by his employer, the Empire State Development Corporation, and developer Forest City Ratner, that "the project" will create housing and jobs, and instead recognize that public funding--especially scarce housing bonds--and private funding are required.

And surely he'll learn that a good number of people think Atlantic Yards is much closer to "rough sex" or even a spaceship.

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