Thursday, November 22, 2007

The 87% discrepancy in arena setbacks doesn't make the print Times

So, in the print edition of today's New York Times, is there an article--or a correction--that explains that the Atlantic Yards arena would be 20 feet from the street, as the Times reported online yesterday?


6-8% vs. 73-87%

Consider that, on 9/6/05, the Times published a front-page lead story (in the New York editions) that overhyped a rumored "six to eight percent" cut in the bulk of the Atlantic Yards project. It took a few weeks for the Times to say definitively that the cut would bring the project back to the original square footage announced.

Earlier this month, the Times in print estimated that the arena would be set back 75 feet from Flatbush Avenue and 150 feet from Atlantic Avenue. Actually, segments of the arena would be as close as 20 feet.

A reduction from 75 feet to 20 feet represents a difference of 73%.

A reduction from 150 feet to 20 feet represents a difference of 87%.

That's news.

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