Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Daily News (blog) calls Atlantic Yards Report "a must read"

The Daily News Sports Investigative Team has launched the iTeam blog, and the piece Tuesday concerned my blog: Oder's Blog a Treat.

Reporter Michael O'Keeffe observed: Oder is certainly no fan of the Nets owner’s gargantuan proposal, but his blog is intelligent and well-reported; the long-time journalist sticks to the facts rather than falling back on the personal attacks employed by both sides of this issue.

O'Keeffe checked with Forest City Ratner spokesman Joe DePlasco: DePlasco dismisses Oder as “someone with too much time and not enough to do” and he says Daily News reporters should stop using the Brooklyn blogger as a resource and instead focus on the positives an NBA franchise will bring the Borough of Churches.
But DePlasco himself sounds like a regular Oder reader: “This project is evolving and subject to change, but I’ve yet to see Mr. Oder see one change as positive,” DePlasco says. “No matter what we say, he’ll oppose the project.”

DePlasco's dismissal deserved a response, so I (and others) responded in the comments section.

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